ZMR250 V2.1 Frame now available!

ZMR250 V2.1 Frame

FPVmodel has recently upgraded the ZMR250 frame to v2.1. The new ZMR250 V2.1 Frame comes with angled camera plates so no more trying to rig a straight mount for your desired FPV camera angle. They said it is to appeal to those who are interested in FPV quadcopter racing. The original ZMR250 V2 frame will still be available with a straight camera mount for those just starting out or those who prefer a straight mount.

The ZMR250 V2.1 frame also comes in three different colors Gold, Silver and Red. I think I would deffinitely go for the ZMR250 V2.1 Frame over the V2. Being able to just drop in a proper angled fpv camera would be awesome! It is nice that they are still going to over the original straight mount though.

ZMR250 V2.1 Frame

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