How to build a Quadcopter

So you want to know how to build a quadcopter? After purchasing ready to fly quadcopters ,in particular DJI’s Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 , I became intrigued with building my own quadcopter. So I began searching as you did “how to build a quadcopter” and found myself in to deep but willing to dive in on my first quadcopter build. After my research I decided to build a ZMR250 V2 quadcopter  which is why I built this website to share my build guide.

How to build a quadcopter

In this article I will go over the basic parts list you need to acquire to build a quadcopter. Starting out I decided to buy an ARF kit from FPVModel. Regardless if you buy a kit or not it is important to know what the components are that make up a quadcopter.

Basic FPV Quadcopter Parts list

Quadcopter Frame- Picking out a frame can depend on multiple variables. Mainly depends on what you want to do with your quadcopter. For me I just wanted a small race quad as a hobby. I also use my DJI Inspire 1 which is more suited for aerial photography.

Motors- The size motors you need again depends on what you are using your quad for and what your components will handle.


Electronic Speed Controllers or ESCs- This is what drives each motors variable speed.

Flight Controller- Naze32, CC3D Etc. The flight controller is the brain of the quadcopter. You can program your flight controller to do many different things as well as tune your quadcopter settings.

FPV Camera- This is the camera used for first person view flying giving you a cockpit view from the quadcopter.

Video Transmitter with antenna- Used to send video signal back to your FPV Goggles or monitor.

Radio Receiver- Connects to your transmitter so you can control the quadcopter.

Radio Control Transmitter- Used to control/fly your quadcopter.

Lipo Batteries for your quadcopter.

Battery Charger

FPV Goggles or Monitor

As you can start to picture there is a lot that goes into building a quadcopter. You really need to decide how and why you are going to use the quadcopter and then do more research from there. You may find buying a ready to fly quadcopter might be a better option for your needs. If you want an fpv quadcopter you might want to check out my build further, you can purchase the kit from FPVModel insuring that your parts are compatible.

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