Reversing Motor Rotation BL Heli

Reversing Motor Rotation BL Heli and Cleanflight/betaflight

Well as much as I thought I had the wiring configuration down for the CW and CCW motors I didn’t. I ended up with my motors being reversed. Motor location was correct but the rotation was reversed.

Short of just switching the 2 wires on each motor and resoldering I wanted to see if it could be resolved in the programming. With some help from the ZMR250 Facebook group I figured out as long as the ESC has BL Heli flashed you can reverse motor rotation within the BL Heli Suite. 1

If you are using the same zmr250 build kit as I am with the Littlebee ESCs than they come preflashed with BL Heli. If you are using different ESCs check with where you purchased the ESC to see what is flashed on them. If your ESC do not have BL Heli flashed then do some research on flashing BL Heli to your ESCs.

blheli suite motor reverse cleanflight

  1. Download BL Heli Suite
  2. Plug your quad into your computer. With Cleanflight open but not connected as BL Heli needs to connect to the board.Bl Heli Motor Direction
  3. Open BL Heli Suite> Go to Select ATMEL / SILABS Interface Tab> Select SILABS BLHeli Bootloader (Cleanflight)
  4. Next make sure you are on port COM 3 and Connect to the board
  5. Now click “Read Setup” It will then connect to your ESCs reversing motor direction blheli cleanflight
  6. With #1 selected you can go to motor direction and move the slider to the center which is “Reversed”. Click “Write Setup” to save the settings. Depending if you need to reverse all motors you can go into each ESC by Right clicking each ESC number. Make sure you Write Setup for each ESC.
  7. Test in Cleanflight to make sure motor rotations are correct.

Here is a helpful Youtube video that I watched on reversing motor direction in BLheli with cleanflight.


2 thoughts on “Reversing Motor Rotation BL Heli”

  1. So if you were doing this again, would you just wire the three wires up in order on all motors then reverse the two needed in the firmware?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Sorry for the late response I finally have a spam filter in place did’t see your comment.

      To answer your question: I would say that would be a pretty simple way of doing it. As long as your gear is compatible with BL Heli.

      Zmr250 Build

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