Part 1- Starting the ZMR250 PDB

This build kit is from FPVmodel and is a ZMR250 PDB V2 *KIT DETAILS HERE

Zmr 250 parts unboxed

I wanted to start with the components in which I will need to solder from the bottom of the ZMR250 PDB (power distribution board) so that I can then install arms and bottom plate to then fit my motors/esc.

Be careful how you handle the parts. You want to be extra careful you don’t scratch the PDB as the wire leads could become damaged.

Part 1 Components-

  • Buzzer
  • MinimOSD (optional)
  • 12v reg for 4s (optional)
  • Wire header pins for Minimosd, 12v reg (for 4s), transmitter feeds, naze32 feeds
  • Camera wires, Video Transmitter wires, power cables.You will want to use flux paste when doing any of the tinning or soldering etc. It insures a proper flow for the solder.

1. Solder wire header pins as needed- The only wire pins you need for sure are for OSD and 12v REG. For this build I ended up using wire pins on the buzzer, vbat and OSD side as well. For the motor leads I soldered the wires to the PDB so that the USB could be accessed from the side.

You want to make sure that your solder on your leads don’t cross into each other. (if this happens don’t worry you can fix it with a desolder tool or solder wick)

2. Solder the Buzzer

Make sure the positive is facing correct direction labeled on PDB

3. Next you can tin all the wire pads with solder. All ESC power leads and signals- Battery leads- Power leads (+ – ) and CAM under Video- 5V and GND from BEC- Power leads (+ -) and AV under Camera- Motor leads M1-M4.

ZMR250 wiring

4. Cut the wires for camera and video transmitter from the wires provided.

Fpv camera wire
FPV Camera Wire Pre-cut
Aomway transmitter fpv
Transmitter Wires Cut

5. Tin the wires and solder to designated pads (again make sure wires/solder are not touching)

Camera Wire Fpv
Camera Wire
Video transmitter zmr250
Transmitter wires

NOTE: The above configuration is for No OSD if you have OSD solder your video wire to OSD pad.

6. Now that the soldering is done next to the OSD pins we can now solder the MinimOSD in place. Note: I followed the basic configuration found on Fpvmodel

MinimOsd Installed

7. Solder 12v Reg(optional)- I soldered the header pins in just in case I want to use 4s in the future for now I am only going to use 3s though so the 12v reg isn’t needed.

8. Cut, Flux and Solder Power Cables. Heat Shrink before soldering to PDB. Afterwards use a small zip tie to hold wires and relieve some stress.

Xt60 Connection
Helping Hands
Battery Cable

That’s it for Part 1 of the ZMR 250 PDB build. Continue to Part 2 Naze32 Rev6

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