Part 2- Naze32 Rev6 Wiring

Now onto the Naze32 Rev6 Acro Funfly flight controller wiring configuration. You can really wire this however you prefer, you may see a better way to do it just make sure all the connections are made where they are needed. Some people solder them, you can even solder wires to the bottom of the board for a super clean build. I chose to do all header pins and wire connectors.

1. Solder Motor leads- I routed mine underneath the board and I used a 3 pin and a single pin wire connector to make the connection at the naze32.

Solder Motor Leads
Soldered motor leads

2. Solder 5v and Ground wire to board. I used a 3 pin connector and left one empty.

Naze32 Power
5v Power connector

3. Install nylon spacers on the PDB- I used the screws in the bottom and kept the nylon standoff and nut for the board. Dont install board yet you’ll need to solder first.

4. Solder header pins onto naze32 board as preferred.

Naze32 Rev6 Pins
Naze32 Rev6 Pins

I used the supplied wires that came from FPVmodel. Using a razor blade or small flat head you can pry up on the tab holding the wires from the supplied connectors and switch them into different ones. I just played around with them for a bit until I had all wires that I needed. Just follow the diagram and make sure everything goes where it suppose too colors etc. essentially doesn’t matter. Double check all connections!

ZMR250 V2 Naze32 Rev6 Wiring Diagram


Naze32 Rev6 Wiring diagram

I chose to get an Frsky X4R Sbus receiver so I pulled the yellow wire from the wire pin connector you see below and soldered that to U2RX/4 instead of running ppm as I originally thought I was. So depending on what receiver option you go with make sure you wire it as needed. Check out my transmitter and receiver blog post.

Naze32 Wired
Naze32 Wired

That’s it for Part 2 Continue to Part 3- ESCs and Motors


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