Part 4- FPV Camera

Installing the FPV Camera

This ZMR250 build kit came with a Sony Effio 3.6mm lens 700 TVl FPV Camera.

1.The FPV Camera lens comes detached from the board. There are 2 small screws that you need to fasten. Make sure you don’t over tighten the lens it could damage the cam.

FPV camera

The sony FPV camera is a little bit too bit to fit inside the frame. If you notice there is an outer tab all the way around the camera. The outer tabs needs to be cut off. I used a pair of wire cutters and just did each tab separately. Be careful in doing this because you could damage the board.

Cut FPV Camera

2. Next we need to install the front plate to the camera. There are multiple ways to do this depending on if you want your camera at an angle or straight. I decided to go with a slight angle nothing extreme until I get more experienced in flying.

I used spare nylon nuts and zipties for spacers. Instead of the provided screws I used zip ties to fasten the two together. One good thing about using zip ties is you don’t have to worry about conductivity thru the front carbon plate.

NOTE: Keep in mind where way is right side up on the FPV Camera. The power plug goes towards the bottom.

Side of FPV Camera

Back of FPV Camera

After completing the top plate of the ZMR250 we will install the FPV camera in the quad.

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