Part 5- Top Plate

Assembling the top plate is going to vary from build to build. The key is just finding a spot for everything where it all fits. I found that by using the wire pin connectors and not soldering wires to the naze32 it left me with less room above the naze32. If I were to do it again I would solder the wires underneath the naze32.

Aomway Mini 5.8Ghz Transmitter 

Frsky x4r SB Receiver 

5.8G Gain Omni Mushroom antenna

SMA pigtail cable

Again this part is really up to you as far as positioning goes but I will go over my build process. Also if you haven’t installed your camera yet make sure to keep in mind where that will be when mounting the transmitter and receiver.

Mount Video Transmitter and Receiver

I purchased a short 2 inch pigtail SMA cable so that I didn’t have to attach my transmitter directly to antenna. From what I hear that is an easy way to damage your transmitter. Here is the link I purchased it on EBAY.

Transmitter Mounted

With that being said the pigtail sort of limited me as to where I could mount the transmitter because I went with a short 2 inch cable. I think in the future I would order a longer cable maybe 5-6 inch to give you more flexibility.

Top Plate mount

On my build I had to find a way to position both the transmitter and receiver at the same time to insure it would all fit inside the zmr frame. It was a bit tricky for me but it all depends on how you setup your quads components. After finding a good spot for both I used double sided 3m tape to fasten to top plate.

Antennas Mounted

I ordered a Receiver antenna mount kit from FPVmodel. I had to shave the side of it to get it to fit into the frame slot. It fits pretty snug but I put a zip tie around it as well.

Battery Mounted

I purchased some heavy hold velcro to use for fastening the batteries. I am also going to use one of the provided velcro strap.

ZMR250 Top Plate

Next I installed the top shock absorbers and plate. After that I plugged in the receiver, camera, and transmitter so that I could mount the top plate.

ZMR250 Build top plate

Here is my finished ZMR250 V2 Build