Unboxing ZMR250 Build Kit

Instead of trying to compile my own parts list I ordered a ZMR250 build kit from FPVModel. For my first build I wanted to make sure the components that I used would be compatible so I went with this ARF (almost ready to fly) kit from FPVModel. If you are interested in building this quad here is the Link.

Unbozxing ZMR250 Build kit

ZMR250 Build Kit

As of Nov 11, 2015 this is what comes in the kit I ordered

ZMR250 V2 250MM mini quadcopter frame kit x 1
Dragonfly MC1806 2300KV Brushless Motor x 4 (2cw+2ccw)
FVT Littlebee 20A Mini ESC  x 4
Dragonfly 5030 CW/CCW props x 8 pairs
Naze32 Acro Funfly flight controller x1
SONY Effio-e 4140+811 1/3 CCD 3.6mm Lens 700TVL camera x 1
AOMWAY 5.8g mini 200mw 32CH transmitter x 1
Velcro Battery Strap  x 2
Mini DC-DC 12V Regulator Module x 1
5.8G Gain Mushroom Omni Antenna x 1 (Update on Nov.3rd, 2015)
20CM servo extension cable x 2
3M double sided adhesive tape x1
and silicon wires, straps, shrink tubes, XT60 plug etc that everything showed in the picture.

Zmr250 Build KitZmr250 build kit with FPV camera

I also purchased a MinimOSD which was not included in the kit to get On Screen display. Here is the link to OSD

If something changes in this kit I will make note*

Build coming soon!

ZMR250 Build Guide

Welcome to my ZMR 250 Mini H frame Quadcopter Build guide. I have been flying DJI quadcopters for almost 2 years now. Searching around I began to notice the fpv quadcopter videos and got hooked. As I started researching fpv quads I quickly found out how tough it is to get started in the hobby. It gave me the idea to create a ZMR250 build guide as I built mine.

There isn’t a definite guide where to start your build. You need to buy all the parts solder everything together and hope that the thing flys. I also watched a bunch of different build videos on YouTube. However I discovered that everybody used different parts and I wasn’t sure which to go with.

Zmr250 build box kit

After my research I found that the ZMR 250 build would be a good starter quad frame to build. I wanted to build this website to post my findings and my ZMR250 build process. (Be aware that there are many clones of the ZMR 250 available that are not carbon fiber from what I read stay away from those the one from FPVModel is Carbon Fiber for sure)

zmr250 build unbox

ZMR250 build kit link – FPVModel ZMR 250 V2 Mini H Quad Kit

I am no fpv expert and don’t claim to be but I hope I can help some other beginners like me. Feel free to comment any suggestions to the build. I will probably be doing a lot of searching for help anyway!